Algerian forgers lived in Forge Close.

Posted: January 9, 2013 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

An Algerian couple living in West London have been jailed for making and supplying forged passports and identity documents. Guess what, they lived in Forge Close how apt is that.

812650322Abdelkrim Khetib, 50, and Hayat Moulay-Khetib, 46, both of Forge Close in Hayes, were arrested in September 2012 after a package containing blank counterfeit Portuguese passports and counterfeit holographic designs for use in passports was intercepted by Border Force officers at Coventry international postal hub. You’ve got to ask why Algerians are allowed into our country, they can’t have any links with us can they.
When Border Force officers raided their home they found further packages containing fake Dutch and French passports, laminated passport pages, counterfeit Schengen visas and bogus official stamps.
There was also evidence of money transfers made to Thailand, where the packages had originated from, and evidence the ‘iffy’ documents were being sold to illegal immigrants in the UK to make it look like they had the right to work in the EU.

During a hearing at Isleworth crown court on 30th November 2012 they both admitted charges of possessing false identity documents, contrary to the Identity Documents Act 2010, while Abdelkrim Khetib admitted an additional charge of possessing prohibited articles or material contrary to the Identity Documents Act 2010.
On Friday 4th January Abdelkrim Khetib was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison, while his wife was jailed for 8 months.

Death blamed on lack of toilet

3755068602This must be one of the most bizarre reason for a death given. A report issued by the government’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has revealed that Steven Robertson, 25, from Dalbeattie, was lost overboard from the Kirkcudbright based scallop boat, St Amant, on 13th January last year. That’s spookie the 13th was a Friday that year. The report said that Mr Robertson probably fell overboard and drowned when he went on to the vessel’s deck to have a ‘jimmy riddle’ (piddle) in the middle of the night because there was no toilet on board the 59ft dredger for the four-man crew.
The search for Mr Robertson, who had not been wearing a lifejacket, was called off without any trace being found of him in Caernarfon Bay, Wales.
The report states: “In the absence of any other evidence, the most probable cause of Steven’s loss is considered to be him slipping or tripping while in the vicinity of the low bulwarks aft of the outriggers, probably while in the process of relieving himself over the side.”

This headline ‘wound’ me up

“Duncan Smith wins benefits cap battle: Rises limited to 1% as MPs vote to tackle massive welfare bill.”

How can pegging benefit rises to about 90p a week for some benefits, well under the rate of inflation, tackle massive welfare bill? Surely the real reason is lack of jobs due to migrant workers taking our jobs and people having to pay double the amount of rent they would expect to pay in social housing to private landlords because immigrants are living in our council houses.



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