Capita to earn £40m texting and emailing illegal immigrants.

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Law & Disorder

Capita, which won a £40m UKBA contract to trace 174,000 migrants living illegally in the country from September have been sending text messages and emails to the illegals telling them they are required to leave Britain.

kid-textingForty million pounds for sending texts and emails that’s £230 a pop! I’ll tell you what, I’ll do that contract for £20 million and save the country money. Anyway immigration lawyers, who make shed loads of money doing their level best to keep illegals in this country, say Capita’s texts are going to the wrong people; in recent weeks they include a woman with a valid British passport and a man with a valid visa who had invested £1m in a UK-based business.

Apparently the Border Agency have been giving inaccurate files to Capita, what a cock up. Surely that £40m would pay for a huge number of extra Border Agency staff to personally round up the 174,000 illegals and ship them out.
The standard text message from the firm reads: “Message from the UK Border Agency: You are required to leave the UK as you no longer have the right to remain.” It urges recipients to contact UKBA immediately. I ask you what illegal is going to take notice of that they’ll either ignore it or move home.

Lawyers say the texts were sent out over the Christmas period and those who were wrongly informed they needed to leave the country were left extremely distressed and upset. Oh no, how many millions of £’s of taxpayers money is going to be spent on compensation for their hurt feelings and ruined Christmas.

UKBA admitted the problem was with the accuracy of its records: “We advise anyone contacted in error to contact us so records can be updated. Where our records show that people are here illegally, it is vital we are able to contact them as we are determined that they should return home. This is the first time a government has taken proactive steps to deal with this pool of cases, some of which date back to December 2008.”

How pro-active is texting and emailing asking illegals to turn themselves in?


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