Emergency calls to be premium rate

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Law & Disorder

A ‘sweaty sock’ (jock) policeman wants 999 emergency calls to become a premium rate number.

_44938963_ricky_calls203Sergeant David Hamilton, secretary of the Tayside branch of the Scottish Police Federation, said on Twitter that it was time to make 999 a premium-rate number.
He suggested charging 50p or 30p from mobile phones but leaving phonebox calls free.
Gor blimey it’s bad enough dialling 999 and the police not bothering to come but to pay for them not to come out is taking the piss.

But Sgt Hamilton, whose branch represents 1,200 police officers in Tayside, defended his controversial proposal. He claimed that paying for emergency calls could cut the number of hoax, unnecessary and nuisance calls. He added: “I know that the force is not keen on it and the police board is not keen on it and that’s entirely fine. I have just put my suggestion into the mix.”

To right me ‘old china’ (plate = mate) you’ve caused a right ‘bull and cow’ (row) with your Twitter. Hmmm, the twittering police constable?

Hold up, you’re not telling me people make bogus 999 calls from their easily traceable home and mobile phones surely they use phone boxes which are to remain free.


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