Ferryman lied about speeding

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Law & Disorder

A former East Lindsey District councillor has been given a suspended jail term after he told ‘pork pies’ (lies) to police to evade a speeding fine.

Andrew Ferryman, who was elected to represent the Sutton on Sea North ward, Lincolnshire in May last year but later stood down due to ill health, was clocked at 39mph in a 30mph limit on the B1200 at Salfleetby. What’s the point of standing in an election when you are too ill to do the job?

The ‘Old Bill wrote to Ferryman following the offence in February 2011 asking who was driving the ‘jam jar’ (car) but received no reply from the Ferryman.
A second letter resulted in Ferryman claiming the driver was James Howard and giving an address in Church Lane, Sutton but the Old Bill didn’t fall for that old chestnut and sussed out Mr Howard had left to live in Australia. The police then put a note through Ferryman’s door asking him to contact them. All that paperwork, if we had enough police on our street the local plod could have paid him a visit long before.
Next modern technology comes into play and an email from an account in the name of Nicholas Hall saying that the Ferryman had moved away and had left no forwarding address.
By now police must have got fed up with this Ferryman geezer and he was arrested and admitted he was the driver.

Ferryman, 44, formerly of Camelot Gardens, Sutton-on-Sea, and now living at Hallcroft, Retford, admitted charges of perverting the course of justice, making a false statement to obtain insurance and driving without insurance.
Apparently the Ferryman has serious health problems which involved taking 28 different medications each day and he is provided with 34 hours a week of home care; yet he was allowed to drive can you ‘Adam and Eve’ that.
Anyway Ferryman was given a four month jail sentence suspended for a year and he was banned from driving for 12 months. He was ordered to pass an extended retest before he is allowed a full licence. I hope he has an extensive medical too before he’s let loose on our roads again.



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