Hotel staff get £23.50 a week.

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Broken Britain

Up to 30 staff at the Shepherd Neame run Marine Hotel in Tankerton, Whitstable, will be without work for up to eight weeks while the building’s refurbishment is completed.

Under the terms of their contract they will receive just £23.50 a week for five weeks and then nothing until the hotel reopens. How disgusting is that, minimum job seekers allowance is £56.25.
The hotel is getting a £1.6 million refurbishment while staff are receiving only the statutory minimum lay-off pay.

Staff believed they should be offered other jobs within the group. Let’s face it your not telling me Scrooge Neame haven’t taken on extra staff for the Christmas period a few more wouldn’t hurt when you think they’re chucking £1.6m on the building work. Instead, from January 3rd the staff will have no work and cannot take on other jobs unless they hand their notice in.

Not only does the company not give a toss for their staff, after all there’s millions of unemployed out there they can replace the staff with, the building work has also affected customers whose Christmas parties have been moved to smaller function rooms.



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