Romanian cashpoint fraudster walks free.

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Law & Disorder

A serial fraudster who used a cash skimming device to fleece cashpoint users has walked free from a Somerset court.

LeonidRotaru1SWNSRomanian Leonid Rotaru used a card reader which he fitted over the card entry slot of ATM machines around the country to obtain PIN numbers.
Victims of this criminal would pass their card through the reader – which would record the card and account details – enabling the scroat to half inch (pinch) a total of between £500 and £1,500 a time. A tiny pinhole camera hidden in the device films the victim entering their PIN number. A nice little earner for him and a great financial loss for his victims but hey Tony Blair says these immigrants he allowed to flood into our country are good for us.

However, his luck ran out, Rotaru not Tony Blair, when a suspicious customer at Tesco Express in Minehead alerted police, who identified Rotaru on CCTV footage and caught him loitering by the machine. Rotaru caught red-handed then, bang to rights as they say.

Rotaru, 32, of Bridgwater, admitted four counts of fraud and was given an 18-month suspended sentence at Taunton Crown Court yesterday (December 20th). Let off in other words.

Defending, Gareth Evans asked for credit for an early guilty plea and said: “He admitted his role in the offences and was very frank about it.” Oh well that’s alright then, don’t do it again you naughty boy!

Car insurance going up, no surprise there then!

A change to European rules will ban car insurers from setting their prices according to a person’s gender, equal rights for women and all that stuff, could cost women drivers around £300 a year more.
In an ideal world, where nobody rips anybody else off, insurance companies could have worked the ratio of women to men policy holders and come up with an average figure – women’s insurance a bit dearer, men’s insurance a bit cheaper – after all the cheaper insurance rate is because women have less accidents then men. So nothing will change for the insurance companies claim wise will it?



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