Yesterday tv feeding us bullshit!

Posted: December 18, 2012 in General
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If there’s one thing I really hate is someone feeding me a load of bollocks particularly a documentary programme.

Dernier_carre_de_la_Garde_-_gen_HillYesterday night I watched Yesterday tv channel’s programme ‘Instruments of Death’ (series 1 episode 6), mostly because it was on Napoleonic times a particular favourite historical period of mine.
I wasn’t happy about their comparison of a half a pig hung up on a pole, so a geezer with a sabre could nearly slash it in half, to a French Imperial Guard with a thick woollen coat, thick leather cross belts , back pack shoulder straps, holding a musket in a packed defensive square withstanding cavalry. So packed in fact that there’s hardly a chance to slash a man unless he’s standing on on the very right edge of the defensive square.
I’m sure I read somewhere most sabre wounds are concussion to the head rather than cutting a man through the spine.
Anyway that’s beside the point, right at the end of the programme the hyphenated presenter says some soldier’s skeleton has been dug up on the battlefield. We now go and see some French geezer who says this soldier bloke was killed at the 1815 Battle of Waterloo. He comes out with all this baloney about whether the soldier was English, Prussian or whatever then shows us some coins the soldier supposedly had. Hey presto we have another time traveller involved in a war, he’s carrying an 1819 coin. I know the French don’t like us but this Frenchie presenter must have gone to an English school as he is hopeless with figures or thinks us English are idiots. Doesn’t he know we are a nation of shopkeepers and can read coinage dates?



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