Jimmy Riddler finds cannabis plants

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Law & Disorder

death by shuttersI’ve always said that without the dog walkers of our country most brown bread (dead) bodies wouldn’t be found in our parks and countryside. It appears that our dogs are of more assistance in fighting crime than our PCSO’s.

Now it appears that dog walkers are finding cannabis factories too.
A cannabis factory was discovered above a disused Liverpool restaurant on last Friday after a dog was electrocuted on a live metal shutter. The Jack Russell was killed instantly by the electric current as it jimmy riddled (piddled) against the shutter outside the former Oluyole restaurant in Prescot Road, Fairfield. The pet’s owner, a woman in her thirties, was taken to hospital for treatment after also suffering an electric shock.

Firemen sent to the scene forced their way into the premises with an angle grinder and found shed loads of cannabis. Around 55 plants were recovered in an upstairs flat with a potential yield of £20,000. Live wires found dangling from the flat conducted along the metal shutter and straight up the Jack Russells stream of urine, ouch! Obviously the disused restaurant is not near any night clubs otherwise some ‘pisshead’ would have found the cannabis factory months ago.


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