Modern day slavers convicted

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Law & Disorder

Three modern-day slave traders were facing jail after trafficking two young people into Scotland from Slovakia and trying to force a teenage girl into a sham marriage.

MiddlePassage001The gang lured a 24-year-old man and a girl of 19 to leave their homeland with promises that they could make money and build a better life for their families in the UK. London streets paved with gold eh, that old chestnut.

But as soon as they fell in the slavers clutches the couple’s ID documents were stolen and they moved the girl from Glasgow to Perth, Scottish Perth not Australian Perth. The girl’s nightmare only ended when she managed to get hold of a mobile phone and call her mum in the Slovak capital, Bratislava who alerted the Slovakian police who then told the sweaty sock police, (Scots) who freed them.

The gang, Helena Kulova, 47, Renata Kulova, 20, and Ivan Balog, 27, were all convicted on Wednesday of human trafficking between May 1st and July 25th this year. Jurors returned unanimous verdicts on the Kulovas and convicted Balog by majority.
Renata Kulova was also found guilty of stealing ID documents belonging to the couple at an address in Glasgow between June 28th and July 18th.
All three accused were remanded in custody to await sentence on January 14th. The Kulovas were described as prisoners at Cornton Vale jail near Stirling, while Balog was being held at Perth jail.

Two other accused, Ali Raza, 20, and Lenka Svitikova, 27, were cleared during the three-week trial.


If you’re interested in slavery history there is a very good book written by a slaver in 1854. It’s called Captain Canot or sometimes , Twenty Years of an African Slaver. It can be downloaded for free HERE


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