Stuart Hall

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder
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What do you think these ‘Old Bill’ are doing.


If you say taking items away for forensic testing then you are absolutely right.

But the crimes that these items are being taken away for forensic testing happened 38 years ago. Are you telling me these bin sacks and plastic tubs full of personal ‘tat’ can have any relevance to such an old case which when boiled down will be Stuart Hall’s, of ‘It’s A Knockout’ fame, word against the accusers’s word.

Last night Hall was charged with indecently assaulting three girls in alleged attacks dating back to 1974.

John Dilworth of the Crown Prosecution Service said: ‘Following investigations by Lancashire Police into allegations of sexual assault by Stuart Hall I have reviewed all the evidence that they have gathered and have authorised Lancashire Police to charge him with three counts of indecent assault.’

The first charge is that between September and December 1974 Hall indecently assaulted a woman who was then aged 16 or 17 years. The second charge alleges he indecently assaulted a girl aged eight or nine in 1983, why the uncertainty of age here? Also he is accused of indecently assaulting a 13-year-old girl between July and September 1984.

Hall has been bailed to appear at Preston Magistrates’ Court on January 7th and BBC Radio 5 Live last night announced that Hall would not be working for them while the police investigation was continuing.

Let’s hope the Old Bill have got him bang to rights otherwise I can see the taxpayer having to hand over millions in compensation for wrecking Hall’s life and reputation.

A spokesman said of Hall’s arrest: ‘I can categorically confirm this arrest is not part of Operation Yewtree in any way.’ Just in case you’ve been on another planet, Operation Yewtree is the Jimmy Savile business.

Don’t get me wrong if Hall is guilty of sexually assaulting a child then I’m all for dangling him by his testicles. But why didn’t he get charged three decades ago, police couldn’t give a ‘toss’, parents of victim didn’t bother to report the crime or what behaviour was acceptable then isn’t now?

School lunacy

I read yesterday that saucepan lids (kids) are missing hospital appointments because they get marked as an unauthorised absent from school which carries a government fine. Our local primary school to improve attendance are doing a ‘keeping green’ policy whereby kids are rewarded for not missing a day off school during term time and for the whole school year.

The school however have taken it to the extreme and make any child who fails to attend school because of sickness an unauthorised absent thus putting the parents in the frame for a fine unless they provide medical proof. Now I don’t know about you but to get an appointment with our GP can take anything up to a couple of weeks before you can be seen so all that time absent is going to add up. Consequently parents send their sick kids to school rather than face a fine and the authorities wonder why cases of Norovirus are on the increase


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