Bulgarian blundering matron

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Law & Disorder, NHS WATCH
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Remember me telling you that soon Bulgarians and Romanians will be able to pour into the UK seeking our hard to come by jobs and competing for what little accommodation is available or like the out of work migrant workers in our area living on the streets, in sheds or in derelict properties.

Here’s a taste of what is to come.

A Bulgarian midwife made a series of blunders after someone at a short of staff hospital thought it was a good idea to employ foreign staff rather than take on newly redundant qualified medical personnel.

Margarita Avramova or should that be ‘Hadusova’ was one of four Bulgarian midwives recruited to fill positions at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, Surrey, in June 2009.
Within months, she was placed on a supervision programme because of concerns about her skills.
Greg Unwin for the NMC said: ‘Concerns were raised in relation to gaps in the registrant’s knowledge, difficulties in relation to her communication skills, failing to react appropriately and her record keeping skills’.

Avramova faces 17 allegations relating to mistakes made on the programme.

One states she intended to administer an injection to a baby with a syringe containing an air bubble while under the supervision of a mentor on 27th November 2009.
She is also charged with failing to properly check a mother’s blood pressure, failing to take the proper steps to treat a new born with a slow heart rate, and pulling a baby’s head when not instructed to do so.

Avramova was eventually sacked in June 2010 after she failed to show the necessary improvement.

Unbelievably Avramova claims to still be working as a full time midwife at a hospital she did not name in Oxted and requested an adjournment to the hearing because she was tired from a night shift. I thought Oxted only had a health centre, still what do I know. Anyway her request was declined by the panel, who will proceed in her absence.

Avramova denies the majority of the charges claiming she could not remember making the errors she is accused of. Poor memory too.
She admits failing to record the size of a baby’s head, claiming this was ‘just a small error’, and failing to check patients’ name bracelets.
Avramova further denies her fitness to practise is impaired and the hearing continues.

Romanians are coming too

Rotaru, a Romanian national living in Bridgwater, Somerset, pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud and the possession of various skimming devices in a hearing at Taunton Crown Court. He was on the run from another police force over similar offences when he was caught.
Police had been called to a cash machine outside a Tesco store in Minehead, Somerset, after customers reported their suspicions about the device.
Judge David Ticehurst remanded him in custody and said all options would be open for sentencing.


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