Fifteen illegal workers caught at one business.

Posted: November 20, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder
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Fifteen, yes 15, illegal immigrants have been caught after a raid by UKBA officers on a textile business in Leicester and all that company will get is a fine they may or may not pay.
At 10:45 on Thursday 15th November UKBA made an unannounced visit to Apex Designs, Linden Street, Leicester. As they entered the premises, six men tried to ‘have it away on their toes‘ from a rear exit but were stopped by officers who had already ‘sussed’ they might do a runner.

Border Agency officers checked the immigration status of 45 employees of whom fifteen were arrested, a third of the workforce can you ‘Adam and Eve‘ that, they were found to have no right to be in the UK – being either visa overstayers or failed asylum seekers. Twelve were from India, one was from Afghanistan, one from Iran and one from Pakistan.

Ten of the illegal workers were detained pending their removal from the UK while the remaining five were released on immigration bail giving them a chance to go underground with the other 300,000 or so illegals out there.


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