Soho restaurant employed 8 illegal workers.

Posted: November 4, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder
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UKBA officers had a night out in Soho and paid a visit to the Old Town 97 restaurant in Wardour Street, Soho, at around 7:00pm on Saturday 27th October, where they carried out checks on staff to see if they had the right to work in the UK.

They arrested eight employees, not 9 not 7 but 8 for a variety of immigration offences. Three Chinese men aged between 21 and 24 and a 47-year-old Chinese woman had all overstayed their visas, while three Chinese men aged between 23 and 43 were found to be failed asylum seekers. In addition, one Malaysian woman, aged 28, was found to be working in breach of her visa conditions.

All eight were detained pending their removal from the UK. Now that’s what I call a Chinese takeaway.

Talking about removal from the UK

A Malaysian criminal avoided deportation after claiming it breached her human rights because she would be stigmatised in her homeland for her offences.
Ai Vee Ong, 34, I wonder if she was known as Maria (Ai Vee Maria get it?) anyway she was jailed for four years after 20 illegal immigrants were found working at two restaurants she managed. See news cutting below article for nitty gritty.

Ong lodged an appeal against automatic deportation on her release, which was rejected. But she took her case to the Upper Tribunal [Immigration and Asylum Chamber] which overturned the decision.
The tribunal heard having to return to Malaysia would be against her right to a family life as she would be disowned by her relatives if they knew about her conviction. She also argued she faced being shunned by the wider ‘community’. Who on earth in Malaysia is going to know about her conviction if she doesn’t tell them?

Ong, of Ipswich, Suffolk, will now be able to remain in the UK with her fiance, Chee Seng Liew and live happily ever after. Apparently she plans to set up another takeaway restaurant, certainly worth a visit by UKBA once it’s up and running as a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

Investigations revealed Ong had kept two sets of accounts – one to be disclosed to the tax authorities and another with the true takings. She was also involved in the sale of counterfeit goods at two shops in Ipswich and Colchester, Essex.

Here’s a bit I found on the net about what she has been up too.


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