Undertaker stole from dead person

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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An undertaker who stole a purse from an elderly woman as he collected her body has been jailed.
Grahame Lawler, 37, was called to Muriel Swift’s home minutes after it was discovered the 78-year-old disabled spinster had died. He half inched (pinched) a dark blue leather purse out of the dead woman’s handbag, which contained identification and bank notes, after asking a police officer to hand some paperwork to a colleague outside the room.

The police officer noticed the purse was missing after he left. When the married father of three was arrested at a mortuary it was found stuffed up his sleeve. Lawler, who worked for Co-operative Funeralcare, was jailed for four months at Cambridge Crown Court yesterday after admitting theft from a pending estate.

When he was arrested at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, Miss Swift’s bank cards and PIN she had noted down on a piece of paper were also found in his wallet.
Lawler, of Fulbourn, near Cambridge, was due to appear in court on September 17th but went on the run. He handed himself in two days later.

Not ‘Bury’ nice employing illegal workers

On Vandalween night, oh sorry Halloween night UKBA officers visited the Ruposhi Fine Dining Indian Restaurant on Wood Street in Bury.
After the immigration status of the staff was checked five members of staff were found to be working illegally.
One 27-year-old Bangladeshi man was working in breach of his visa while three other Bangladeshi men aged between 22 and 49 had all overstayed their visas.
The fifth man from Pakistan aged 42-years had also overstayed his visa. All five men were arrested and currently remain in detention pending removal from the UK. Another job lot of illegals not given bail, UKBA must have learnt their lesson and are not giving illegals a chance to Scapa Flow (go) underground to be caught elsewhere working illegally.


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