Foreign Aid stolen

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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A reason why Britain should stop giving £10billion of taxpayers money away in foreign aid every year whilst cutting services to the elderly and vulnerable.

Millions of pounds in foreign aid given to Uganda have been funnelled into the sky rockets (pockets) of workers in its prime minister’s office.

The £10m, from Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, has turned up in accounts belonging to aides of Prime Minister Patrick Amama Mbabazi instead of helping the African poor.
Although it is said British money wasn’t taken this time Whitehall officials said they had taken the precaution of suspending British aid payments of £4million-a-year to Mr Mbabazi’s office. Although I don’t see how they can be sure British money wasn’t half-inched (pinched) unless we marked it with dye.

Whilst all this channelling of foreign aid into private bank accounts goes on Britain is still sending £98m to Uganda this year.
The apparent fraud was discovered when the Irish government was told by Ugandan auditors that the 12million euros had gone ‘missing’.


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