Licence to plant

Posted: October 24, 2012 in BIG BROTHER, Broken Britain, Environment

Yesterday I told you about the council making householders pay to walk and drive along one of their car parks.

Today I’m blogging about Cambridgeshire County Council who charge people for brightening up their local environment.
Dr Susannah Beattie, a GP, decided to plant nine shrubs after spotting two unsightly plots of mud which were caused by the cars of visitors and patients churning grass verges into mud at the Cornford House Surgery, Wulfstan Way.

Dr Susannah Beattie was told she was breaking the 1980 Highways Act and was made to apply for a ‘licence to cultivate’ which of course has a fee, in this instance £84.

Apparently the 1980 Highways Act allows the council to control planting on public land and Dr Beattie was told she would need to submit a plan for the planting, which would have to be agreed, and that is why she would have to pay an £84 fee. I’m surprised she doesn’t need public liability insurance in case someone trips over the shrubs.

Lucky officious local councils weren’t about in Nelson’s day as his mate Admiral Collingwood always carried a pocket full of acorns which he would carefully plant wherever he went so there would be enough oak trees to build fighting ships.


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