Council charges for walking across car park.

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Broken Britain

We all know that the government and local councils use the people of this country as cash cows but this is really taking the urine.

Householders have been told to pay £16-a-year for a ‘pedestrian permit’ giving them the right to walk through a council-owned Bisson’s car park to their homes in Whitstable.

It doesn’t stop there, the money grabbing Toff/Tory-run Canterbury council are demanding £122 a year for householders to drive their jam jars (cars) to the back of their houses and they want the homeowners to take out £2million of public liability insurance too.

The land at the back of Cromwell Road runs parallel to the railway line and was bought from residents by the cheeky council gits using a compulsory purchase order in 1995.
The car fee does not even include parking in the car park and is due for payment from November 1st, giving residents less than two weeks’ notice. The five months to April 1st will cost £50.

Neighbours also have to sign a 13-clause licence agreeing to its terms and conditions.

Labour councillor Phil Cartwright, who represents Harbour Ward, said: “I have pointed out to the chief executive that maps from the 1930s show an access route and pathway. If this is so, I fail to see how the council can legally charge the owners now. If they do, what next? Toll booths on council footpaths?”


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