Sneaky Health Lottery

Posted: October 19, 2012 in General

Here’s a sneaky way to part people from their money, preying on people’s superstitions and the urge to win money in these ToffTory induced austere times.
The Health Lottery is celebrating its first anniversary by launching Win Wednesdays, a new midweek game for players. Seems harmless enough but how many people use the same numbers each week , birth dates, army numbers, house numbers at al.
If you want to play your favourite numbers every week you can get a Playcard which can be activated at the retailer, online or by texting.
Job done, week in week out same old numbers but now what if those numbers come up on Wednesday and you haven’t done Wednesday. What a kick in the ‘cobblers’, so you are going to pay another quid a week just in case, which is something The Health Lottery has ‘sussed’ out and are going to part 100,000s of people from another quid every week.

Money grabbing gits!


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