Theme park to have 17,000 staff, don’t make me laugh

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Environment, Law & Disorder
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This always annoys me, when some company wants to concrete over a large bit of land to make obscene profits they come up with some far fetched figure of how many jobs it will create to get their money making scheme passed the planning stages and appease the locals whose lives will be changed forever by this monstrosity, pause for breath.

The media headline is ‘Hollywood film giant Paramount is to create 27,000 jobs with one of the world’s biggest theme parks in north Kent‘. This preposterous figure is broken down by the company thus: 17,000 park staff and 10,000 jobs amongst suppliers and service organisations. This presupposes that suppliers will have to take on 1,000s of extra staff rather than manage with the staff they already employ. The building of this ‘park’ will take six years, imagine that six years of lorries trundling through your streets and all that wild life destroyed.

Now come on, a theme park with 17,000 staff to run it that’s far more than people that actually live there. The population of Swanscombe, Dartford, is 15,732 according to the GeoNames geographical database. By the way all the green area in the picture is to be concreted over for this theme ‘park’.

Last week Sainsbury proposed building a store near Herne Bay also Kent and stated that 300 jobs would be created, 300 staff to run one store, what a load of old cobblers, I know someone once said the bigger the lie the more believable it is but really.

3 mobile selling email addresses to spamsters?

The Weller family motto is ‘suspect everyone, trust no one‘, which may seem a bit paranoid. However we’ve been in dispute about our poor 3 mobile signal and many emails have gone back and forth to 3 resulting in us ending Mrs ‘W’s 3 contract. Since that day we have been bombarded with a massive amount of spam probably eightfold up on before ending the contract. What makes me suspect 3 has sold our email address to spamsters, most spams are addressed to Mrs ‘Weller’ who never uses the computer. A coincidence or 3 being vindictive?

Anyone else noticed in Ambriosia’s rice picnic advert that they’ve modelled the spoon character on Alan Carr, from spexy to spoonsy.

Modern day slavers

Two people have been arrested following an investigation into the alleged exploitation of Lithuanian workers.
The arrests followed allegations made by Lithuanian men working in the food industry who claimed they were being forced to live in squalid conditions and threatened with violence if they did not comply with their supervisor’s instructions. On Friday a man aged 52 and a woman aged 50, both from the Maidstone area, were arrested on suspicion of human trafficking for labour exploitation offences.

Deputy head of the UK Human Trafficking Centre at the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Liam Vernon, said: “It’s alleged that the men, who will now receive specialist care and support from SOCA’s Vulnerable Persons Team and the Salvation Army, were subjected to slave-like conditions and controlled through the use of violence. “Investigating trafficking for labour exploitation is a challenge to us all as victims are kept locked away and unseen by society. Last year 461 adult and child victims were encountered by frontline professionals and reported to the centre. They were being used for their labour in many different ways, all for the financial gain of the traffickers”.

Eight illegal immigrants have been caught during UK Border Agency raids on two Black Country businesses


The Black Country is an area of the English West Midlands north and west of Birmingham and south and east of Wolverhampton. During the Industrial Revolution, it became one of the most industrialised parts of Britain with coal mines, coking, iron foundries and steel mills producing a high level of air pollution. Hence Black Country from the grime on buildings.

UK Border Agency officers paid an unannounced visit to Direct Food Solutions Ltd, Ashmore Lake Way, Willenhall on Wednesday 3rd October 2012. Five women and two men, all from India, were arrested after checks showed that they had overstayed their visas.

On 28th September 2012 an Indian man was arrested when officers visited BS Engineering Ltd, Hilton trading estate, Wolverhampton. The man was found to have entered the country illegally. UKBA are supposedly taking action to remove all of the illegal migrants as soon as possible.


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