Belgian caught flying in illegals jailed

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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A few months back I blogged about a Belgian geezer who landed, literally out of the blue, at Headcorn Aerodome in Kent on 9th June. The original flight plan from France over the UK did not include a landing, but Jean Francois Hennaux had radioed air traffic control for permission to land and re-fuel. He was due to appear in Canterbury court on the Monday after he was arrested but as much as I googled I couldn’t find out what the outcome was or the nitty gritty about what he was up to. However I did mention in my blog that he was probably smuggling illegals in by air
I was right he was flying in four Albanians aboard a light aircraft and has been jailed for 3 years.

Apparently after the four passengers disembarked they were stopped from leaving the aerodrome by staff who called Kent Police. After questioning by police officers the four passengers from Albania were handed over to UKBA who confirmed they had entered the UK illegally and Hennaux was arrested on suspicion of facilitating illegal immigration.
During questioning he admitted to three facilitation attempts between March and June 2012, including the 9th June incident. On each occasion hiring a light aircraft to carry between 3 and 4 illegal migrants and landing in the Ashford area. A nice little earner for him and more illegal foreigners straining our infrastructure.

Hennaux pleaded guilty to three counts of facilitation at Maidstone Crown Court on 20th August and was sentenced there on 21st September 2012 to three years in prison, hmmm, should have been three years for each offence.
The four Albanian nationals, two adults and two children, were granted immigration bail. The two adults are reporting fortnightly to the UK Border Agency while all their cases are considered and I suppose the over stretched Kent child services are looking after their ‘saucepan lids’ (kids).
This annoyed me, according to the UKBA if they are found to have no right to remain in the UK, they will be removed. Hold up, they were confirmed to be illegals when their feet first touched our soil what should have happened is UKBA should have told this Belgian to fly them back to Belgium, never fly to England again and we would say no more about it which would have saved us taxpayers bundles of dosh.

So keep your ‘mince pies’ (eyes) peeled and if you see something dodgy occurring at airfields and small airstrips phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit

It DOES make you go blind.

A Polish man who was caught with stockings over his head performing a sex act on himself (having a handle and crank) outside a police station has lost his sight. Rafal Ciesielski, 35, was arrested in broad daylight after he was seen in the car park where he got ‘excited’ outside Spalding police station in Lincolnshire on August 12th.
Apparently Ciesielski has suffered ‘a severe loss of vision’ in the last month and been referred for an MRI scan. Ciesielski admitted outraging public decency when he appeared in front of JPs on August 30th and was sentenced to a 130 hour work order along with 12 months’ supervision by probation and ordered to pay £85 costs.


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