Illegal immigrants jump off the back of a lorry

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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Watch how a Turkish lorry comes belting into Lakesview Business Park in Hersden,Kent, unloads its load of illegals then reverses out.


The illegals got as far as the A28 in Upstreet, which is barely a mile away before the police caught up with them at 5.15pm – less than an hour after their attempted getaway. Huzzar to the ‘Old Bill‘!
Officers confirmed 16 suspected illegal immigrants had been arrested and taken to a police station, where they were referred to UK Border Agency officers.
Among the group were two youths from Afghanistan – who have since been placed in the care of social services presumably saying they are children– as well as one man from Afghanistan, ten men from Syria, two from Palestine and one from an unknown country.

Mr Barney Wimbush, an apprentice at IT company IonCube, he’s the one looking gobsmacked as it unfolds in front of him said: “The lorry came quite fast around the corner and a slit appeared in the side. Then right in front of me, about 10ft away, all these men started jumping out. The driver looked really bemused.
Shortly afterwards, Barney ran into two of the men at a bus stop on the A28, who were having difficulty continuing their journey.

He said: “They couldn’t speak English so they didn’t know what bus to get. They looked really lost and out of place. They probably didn’t even know which country they were in.”

After their arrests, the two men from Syria and Afghanistan were transferred to an immigration detention centre to await deportation.
Unbelievably the 12 other men were released but ordered to report regularly to the Border Agency while their cases were considered. Oh come on they’ve nowhere to go, can’t speak the language why should they report back. Booo to the UKBA, no wonder there are 170,000 illegals missing location unknown!


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