Asylum seeker conned us out of £180,000 in benefits

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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Doesn’t anyone do their jobs properly, like checking whether a person applying for a job is the person who they say they are, live where they say they do and have the right to work in this country. The illegal woman’s name was Fanta Sesay ‘fantasy’ springs to mind so that name alone should have sounded alarm bells.
If you go to rent a car you need photo id and two utility bills yet apply for a medical job and no one gives a toss who you are.

An asylum seeker from Sierra Leone fraudulently stole more than £180,000 in benefits while holding down two jobs.
In a scam carried out over nine years, Fanta Sesay pocketed £20,800 in income support, £121,000 in housing benefit and £38,700 in child tax credits between 2005 and her arrest in April this year.
Not legally entitled to work, the Sierra Leone national gave a false name, National Insurance number and date of birth in order to work as a nursing assistant at Homerton Hospital and at St Thomas’ Hospital in South London, earning more than £240,000 from her employment. Can you ‘Adam and Eve’ that? In total the 41-year-old of Plaistow, London falsely claimed more than £420,000 and was just sentenced to 28 months jail.

Sesay arrived from Sierra Leone but her application for asylum was turned down. As immigration services were due to deport her she married a British citizen and was granted indefinite leave to remain in August 2005. Now you’re not telling me this wasn’t a sham marriage, where were the checks here. If she wasn’t allowed to be in the country how was she able to marry someone?

In January 2003, however, she started working at Homerton Hospital under a false name, giving a false National Insurance number and a false date of birth. No checks here either, hope nobody died through this fake person being employed.
While still working at the hospital, in September 2005, she made her first claim for income support on the basis she was a single parent who was not in employment or in receipt of any other funds. No checks here either!

Around the same time, she made a claim for child tax credit claiming she was not working in the UK. No checks again? Remember we are not back in the age of bits of paper as records held in a box file in a solitary office. We are in the age of every personal detail being held on computer data bases which 100,000s of people are able to access the information.

The money she was having away continued when she left Homerton in August 2009 and started working at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, again giving a variation of her name and a different National Insurance number. No checks again, the mind boggles!

Searching for migrants ‘not worth the cost’

The UK Border Agency has admitted it is giving up on attempts to find 80,000 foreign nationals who are still missing six years on, as it would cost too much money to keep staff looking for them.
Hold up, these illegals are working somewhere, take on more UKBA staff and increase visits to establishments such as restaurants and takeaways where illegals always seem to find work. Give up, is that the British Bulldog spirit that built an the Empire, I am not amused?

Two illegal workers nailed.

UKBA officers paid an unannounced visit to Hereford Nails, Eign Gate, Hereford at 17:45 on 13th September. After checking the immigration status of all the staff. One man and one woman, both Vietnamese nationals, were arrested after they were found to have no right to work in the UK. They are to be deported.


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