Bounty hunters to find illegals

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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Bounty hunters are to be used to track down the 174,057 immigrants that have refused to leave our country. Mind you that doesn’t include all those who entered the country illegally or failed asylum seekers.

Don’t get too excited though, Capita the private company that have got the four-year contract, that could earn them up to £40million, will contact the people named on the list by writing to them, phoning them, emailing them and even sending them text messages, but will not visit them in person. Pretty pointless then, these illegals are not going to get in contact if it means they will get thrown out of the country are they?

If Capita do make contact with these missing people, they will try to help them get the correct travel documents and flights to return to their home countries. What a load of old cobblers, why not employ more UKBA officers to track these people down and deport them straight away or have some MPs got shares in Capita?
If an overstayer refuses to leave, Capita will tell UKBA. Boo hoo, oh for goodness sake go crying to UKBA who will have to do the job they should have done in the first place.

A potential £40million of taxpayers money wasted when increasing UKBA staff would create jobs and do the job that Capita are going to get paid shed loads of money to partly do.

Iver couple of illegal workers

UKBA officers visited the Sheesh Mahal on High Street, Iver, at around 18:15 on Thursday 13th September, and carried out checks on staff to see if they had the right to work in the UK.
They arrested two Bangladeshi men, aged 29 and 34 who had both over-stayed their visas. With all these Bangladeshis over here working illegally their country must be nigh on empty.
The 29-year-old was detained pending his removal from the UK, while the other man was given immigration bail to give him a chance to ‘scarper’. I wonder if this bail lark is some sort of sweepstake the UKBA play amongst themselves. Let someone out on bail and whoever catches them gets to take the kitty.

An illegal worker I presume

UKBA officers raided Marini’s takeaway in Almondvale Parkway, Livingston on Friday afternoon (14th September),a Turkish man was found working illegally at the takeaway, in breach of his visa conditions. He is currently in detention, pending removal from the UK.

SkyGo terms and conditions

Yesterday I signed up for SkyGo which enables Sky customers to view Sky programmes on two other gadgets they’ve got like laptops, X boxes and the like. You have to read and accept the conditions before getting to the point when you are registered. Fat chance of that!

  1. Beast says:

    Oh please I am an illegal immigigrant ,they know where I am, don’t plan on moving and they refuse to remove me. Goes to show the ukba aren’t doing anything

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