Financial cuts prevent Dover Port police from arresting anyone.

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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Port of Dover Police, which has about 60 officers and is managed by Dover Harbour Board, is under legislation so its jurisdiction extends to the harbour, dock, pier and premises of Dover Harbour Board and within one mile.
Unfortunately someone without a brain shut Dover Police custody suite last year to save money but this has resulted in officers not being able to transport prisoners to the nearest suites at Canterbury, Folkestone and Margate because they are outside their one mile limit.

Apparently to get around this money saving cock up ‘scroats’ will be arrested by Kent special branch officers and they will take them to the custody suites, therefore instead of catching terrorists coming into our country Special Branch will act as a taxi service for the common or garden criminals caught at the port.
Hmmm, maybe a prison ship in the harbour would do the job.

Talking about the ‘Old Bill’

One of Kent’s most senior female police officers has been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting. Supt Rachel Adams, 46, has been suspended from duties at Medway police station, where she is area commander.
The allegation is thought to involve ‘half inching’ (pinching) items such as cosmetics worth around £30 from an Asda store, on Bank Holiday Monday, August 27th near West Malling. Lucky she didn’t shoplift in Tesco they would have got her police officers to beat the crap out of her in the store.
Supt Adams was arrested at her home, in the Maidstone area, and is currently on police bail. She has not been charged.

OCD keeps fraudster from prison.

A rogue trader who attempted to con an elderly woman out of £3,000 was allowed to avoid jail because of his obsessive compulsive disorder.
Patrick Delaney, 28, of Bishopsford Road, Morden, was sentenced to four months prison, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service after admitting fraud.

Judge Daniel Flahive, sitting at Croydon Crown Court on Monday (10th September) told him:

These are serious offences, particularly so as, just before these events, you had appeared at Kingston Crown Court re a similar issue. What saves you from prison by the skin of your teeth is the psychiatric report that says you are suffering from severe obsessive compulsive disorder, that I must have regard to. You could not receive appropriate treatment in prison.


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