Down’s Syndrome man given ‘do not resuscitate order’

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Broken Britain, NHS WATCH
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Tony Nicklinson, the locked-in syndrome sufferer, was refused the right-to-die but a man with Down’s Syndrome had a ‘do not resuscitate’ order put on his file.

The patient, who had developed dementia, was taken into the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother hospital in Margate to have a tube fitted to give him food and medication.
It wasn’t until staff at his care home found the order in his bag, oops, that the family who had been visiting him daily knew about the order.
The note gave his condition as the reason, and instructed staff not to intervene in the event of cardio or respiratory arrest.
But the East Kent Hospitals Trust said it was just following national guidelines. Shouldn’t they have said ‘we’re just following orders’! Who is responsible for this order not to resuscitate people with Down’s Syndrome?

ASDA’s medium eggs make Tesco medium eggs look small

Mrs’W’ bought some medium eggs in our Tesco during the week, that’s before the news of Tesco getting the police to beat up the geezer complaining about his faulty tv hit the news.
Anyway yesterday Mrs ‘W’ does her big shop in ASDA and buys some medium eggs , where has the phrase ‘big shop’come from it sounds like country people in olden days talking about the manor house ‘the rich folk who live in the big house’. I digress, Mrs ‘W’ gets the eggs home and starts putting them in the fridge when she notices that ASDA medium eggs make Tesco medium eggs look small, more like bantam eggs.

Now you may think size doesn’t matter but when you are paying medium egg prices you would expect medium size eggs wouldn’t you. Is this a stealth way of Tesco getting more profit by selling small size at medium prices? Hasten to say Mrs ‘W’ didn’t complain to Tesco in case she was beaten up by the police.

Mrs ‘W’ has had a bit of a week of shopping, while she was out yesterday she went into B&Q to buy some paint to ‘do up our gaff’, at the checkout it came to over £50 but she was told if she wanted a plastic bag to carry it away in she would have to pay for a bag. That’s customer service for you, fifty quid spent but expected to buy a bag to take it home in. Needless to say Mrs ‘W’ managed to get the paint out into the car without having to purchase a flimsy plastic bag. Now where else can we buy paint in the future to avoid going into B&Q


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