Restaurant had eleven illegal workers.

Posted: September 6, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder
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There was a time when I blogged about one or two illegal workers being caught at a time but now it seems illegals can be caught in double figures if you know where to look.

Eleven illegal workers were arrested after a UK Border Agency operation targeting the Lahore Restaurant on Gateforth Street at 19:00 on Saturday 1st September, in Marylebone.
They arrested seven Pakistani men aged between 23 and 37, two Afghan men aged 24, a 26-year-old Afghan man and a 47-year-old Indian man.
Six of the Pakistanis and the Indian had overstayed their visas, all the Afghans had entered the country illegally, and a 24-year-old Pakistani was working in breach of his visa.
Ten have been detained pending their removal from the UK whilst the Indian has been placed on immigration bail to give him the chance to ‘scarper’ and seek illegal work somewhere else. I suppose this bail lark does ensure UKBA will always have work.

Four by Four

Four Bangladeshi men were found working illegally at Dunbar Indian Tandoori in the High Street on 31st August. One of the men had overstayed his visa and is in detention, pending his removal from the UK. The second man must report regularly to a police station, yeah right, while arrangements are made for his removal, while the remaining two men have outstanding immigration cases which will be concluded.

Four illegal workers have been arrested at Bruce Grove Supermarket on Bruce Grove N17, Tottenham at around 12.30pm on Thursday 29th August. An Afghan man (aged 34) who had entered the UK illegally and men from Sri Lanka (62), Pakistan (35) and Bangladesh (20) who were all in the country illegally having over-stayed their visas. All four were detained pending their removal from the UK.


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