Luton restaurant used as cover for immigration scam

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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Luton business man, Gyash Uddin, 39, of Ivy Road, sponsored visa applications for family members from Bangladesh to come to the UK where he then employed them at his restaurant Moja, in Mill Road, Leighton Buzzard.

Once in the country EU nationals, most of them also employed by Uddin, were paid to take part in fake marriages or civil partnerships with the Bangladeshis so his family members could gain long-term residency in the UK.
Uddin was convicted of conspiracy to facilitate a breach of the UK’s immigration laws and fraud offences after a three week trial at Luton crown court. He was one of a trio of people in the dock who all had denied the charges against them.
Bangladeshi nationals Mohammed Razul Miah, 35, of Mill Road, Leighton Buzzard, and Mohammed Dolon Miah, 35, of Spencer Road, Luton, were also convicted of conspiracy to facilitate a breach of the UK’s immigration laws.

Six Luton residents had pleaded guilty to the same charges of conspiracy to facilitate a breach of the UK’s immigration laws at earlier hearings.
They were Polish nationals Mariusz Rohde, 28, of Hitchin Road; Dorota Wysocka, 45, of Studley Road; Katarzyna Potrykus, 40, of Cowper Road; Aneta Szczepanik, 35, of Kingsland Road; and Kamila Drozdowska, 28, of Bute Street and Tera Miah, 58, of Hitchin Road. The six had entered into bogus relationships with Bangladeshi nationals between 2005 and 2011.

His sham marriage scam was rumbled after registrars expressed concern about the wedding of Wysocka and Razul Miah, who were married on 19th February at Leighton Buzzard register office. There was a clear language barrier between the bride and groom.
Further checks revealed a wider network who had either participated in, or had planned to participate in, sham ceremonies. Arrests were carried out between May and October last year.

When Wysocka was arrested on 17th May last year at a flat in Studley Road she was found in bed with Rohde. Subsequent checks revealed that in 2010 Rohde had agreed to participate in a sham civil partnership with a Bangladeshi man, although the ceremony never went ahead.

Uddin, Dolon Miah and Razul Miah have been remanded in custody and the others have been bailed ahead of sentencing, a date for which has yet to be fixed which will give ample time for those bailed to flee the country. Yes I’m a pessimist, but expect the worse and you’ll never be disappointed.


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