Councillor Asma Rathore

Posted: August 20, 2012 in General, Law & Disorder
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Heard the one about Luton’s deputy mayor, her fraudster brother-in-law and Bedfordshire Police’s Luton Divisional Commander?

Luton’s deputy mayor, Councillor Asma Rathore, and the Labour Party have apologised for ‘any embarrassment caused’ to the Police Commander after he posed for pictures at the mayor-making ceremony with her fraudster brother-in-law.

Councillor Asma Rathore said she ‘regrets’ not telling Chief Superintendent Mike Colbourne, Bedfordshire Police’s Luton Divisional Commander, he was being filmed with Ahmed Siddique at the Town Hall civic event on May 23rd. Siddique and his wife, Shagufta, who live in Luton, were convicted in 2009 of obtaining more than £160,000 through fraudulent activities. I would normally add links to my blogs about the Rathore family here but there have been so many it is probably best you type in ‘Rathore’ in the ‘search this site’ box on the left for the ‘nitty gritty’.

Labour councillor Rathore has admitted to an “error of judgement” in not informing Mr Colbourne of Siddique’s background before they posed for pictures together at the ceremony, which was videoed by online community news and events TV channel tvbedfordshire. Cllr Rathore said: “I would regret any embarrassment caused to Mr Colbourne. If he comes to us, I would apologise if pictures are in the paper and there is a big hoo-ha about it.”
I would have thought common decency would be to go to the Commander and apologise rather than keep your head down and hope it all blows over.

Picture shows Ahmed Siddique far right, the Commander is the one in uniform, the woman in the picture is obviously Asma Rathore but doesn’t the geezer with the yellow tie look like Siddique.

Earlier this year Cllr Rathore survived an investigation by the Labour Party for not disclosing her family connections to her cousin, Luton sham marriage ringleader Ashar Ali Rathore, who was deported to Pakistan, and the Siddiques during the candidate selection process in the run-up to last year’s local elections.

A benefit cheat who ‘sky rocketed’ (pocketed) almost £100,000 over ten years by claiming to be wheelchair bound was caught when police found photos of him hula dancing on holiday.

Abdul Esfandmozd, 51, lived in a modest flat in Portsmouth travelling around the city in an electric wheelchair.
He claimed to be ‘severely disabled’ and incapable of standing or walking without crutches and was supposed to use the cash to pay for carers who happened to have the names of sport stars, P. Shilton, D. Thompson and disney character Mr D. Duck. Mind you as a kid the bloke opposite us across the street was called David Duck and believe it or not his ‘trouble and strife’ (wife) was called Doris.

Anyway I digress, the fraudster far from being crippled enjoyed regular holidays to America, Cyprus and Malta and invested in property. That’s when he wasn’t hula dancing, carrying women about in his arms and diving in a swimming pool, probably not all at the same time though.

His scam came to light when council officers noticed his paperwork was not in order. He had not submitted receipts for the care work he was supposed to be buying with the £98,730 of payments. I hope that is not submitting paperwork for the last ten years if so someone should get the ‘tin tack’ (sack) or as happens in the world of the public sector pen pusher moved to another position with a pay rise.

For more on this fraudster


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