Olympics a boost to the British economy, don’t make me laugh.

Mrs ‘W’ came home today with a London 2012 Olympics mascot Wenlock soft toy, an 8 colour pen with a key ring and a car hanger. Guess what the labels say ‘made in China’ can you ‘adam and eve’ that. Of course you can, some company making a quick ‘buck’ by shipping in goods made in China by cheap labour with a huge profit margin what’s novel about that.

Seven years to organise a British company with British workers to make this stuff but no the Government let some fuel guzzling aircraft or container ship drag it all the way from Chinese sweat shops. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Chinese Olympic competitors didn’t have to make them in their spare time.

Don’t fret Mrs ‘W’ didn’t get ripped off she managed to get all that stuff for 30p, yes thirty pence plus three tokens from the Daily Mirror. Obviously someone ordered too much of this foreign made tat or the British public are becoming more aware of being ripped off in these austerity times.

Argos seem to have ordered too much as well as they have cut their prices down for this Olympic stuff:
soft toy was £9.99 now £7.49
car hanger was £8.99 now £3.49
key ring with 8 colour pen was £11.99 now £3.49.

I hate to say I told you so but I told you so.

It has started, foreign Olympic competitors disappearing into the dark recesses of the UK and joining the million or so people not supposed to be here.
In this instance seven Cameroon athletes including five boxers have disappeared from the Olympic Village probably the start of many such ‘disappearances’.


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