BBC’s The Archers being destroyed?

Posted: August 6, 2012 in General
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I nearly choked on my shredded wheat this morning and Mrs ‘W’ nearly choked on her breakfast ‘fag’ (cigarette) whilst listening to The Archers on BBC catch up on our computer.

For those people who have only just arrived on earth, The Archers is a British radio soap opera, broadcast first in January 1951 after a pilot aired the year before. I remember as a kid listening to it on our huge wireless set after the valves had warmed up of course. Picture shows some of the cast in more sedate times.
It was originally billed as “an everyday story of country folk” with a bit of farming information provided by the government to keep farmers up to date with new ideas in farming but it has suddenly been turned upside down with the arrival of former EastEnders executive producer John Yorke who took over as acting editor last month.

The reason for our breakfast choking was the latest storyline involving the BBC politically correctness required resident homosexual Adam who has a civil partner Ian. I had my suspicions that something was awry when a Polish migrant fruit picker was talking a bit camp last week. Anyway shock horror, Adam had a one nighter with the homosexual Pole.
Walter Gabriel, who fell in a threshing machine, would turn in his grave well his chopped up remains would. Actually he is second on the left in the picture, well the bloke who played his part is.

Other sensational story lines lately are where Adam was whacked over the head by farm robbers and put in a coma, David Archer who witnessed the aforementioned whack over the head was then violently intimidated by the criminals responsible. Mutilation of livestock, bull set loose amongst public on farm open day then the near burning alive of two saucepan lids (kids) in a barn fire perpetrated by Keith Horrobin a member of the local villain family.

Another story unfolding is where Kate Madikane née Aldridge, she married a black African thus the funny name, the BBC obviously decided to get on the mixed race marriage band wagon too, dumps Phoebe in South Africa – her daughter who she had when she was with Roy Tucker – to sneak off to be with her fancy man who we’ve never heard about before. The old storyline was a tug of war between Roy and Kate over Phoebe to decide which country and parent she lived with although Kate had abandoned her daughter Phoebe to marry her African geezer in the first place.

I’ll wait to see if this Yorke geezer gets the ‘tin tack (sack) before I stop listening to the devastation of my favourite radio programme.


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