Surgeon who fiddled £92,000 in tax gets suspended sentence

Posted: August 4, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder, NHS WATCH
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It’s all very well Atos sending dying people back to work to save a few quid in benefits but lets hunt down and punish tax dodgers who are having away thousands from the country by evading paying tax on their big fat wages.
One of Kent’s top orthopaedic surgeons avoided going to jail after fiddling the revenue out of more than £92,000. Firuz Kasiri, 65, Iranian-born doctor working at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital, ‘down in Margate’ squirreled away almost a quarter of a million pounds in earnings in a secret Nationwide bank account.
For a number of years he hid more than £230,000 in earnings for the extra work he did to keep down waiting lists at the hospital. Over a quarter of a million pounds paid out in overtime by the NHS to one man because of inefficiently run hospitals, no wonder some are going bust. Kasiri, of Sandhurst Road, Cliftonville, was given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, after admitting fraud.
Now that he has been caught the doctor has repaid the tax, that’s big of him.
The doctor will have to stay at his home between 10pm and 6am for the next six months and pay £1,000 in court costs.

Illegal workers found in restaurant yet again and again.

On Saturday evening 28th July UKBA officers targeted the Tai Pan Restaurant, in Blackstone Street, Liverpool and carried out immigration checks on staff present.
One Malysian man and one man from Eritrea were found working illegally. The Malysian man is in detention pending his removal from the UK while the Eritrean man must report regularly unless he ‘scarpers’ and finds illegal work elsewhere. A British man and a Malaysian man were also arrested on suspicion of assisting unlawful immigration. They were questioned by officers and have been released on bail pending further enquiries.

This is not the first time this restaurant has been caught with illegal workers. Ten restaurant workers and two supermarket staff were arrested after immigration officers swooped on the Chinese restaurant in March of this year.
Going back two years nineteen staff were arrested of which seven were removed from the country.

First time caught employing illegal workers is an accident, twice is misfortune, three times is total disregard for our laws. Enough is enough shut the place down and send its owners to prison.


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