Collateral costs of wind farms

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Environment

Does anyone in Britain actually make any money from wind farms. The offshore wind farms in our locality certainly didn’t provide any jobs other than the geezer who takes the foreign workers out to them by boat and the pilot who flies the foreign workers back to their own country at weekends.

A shed load of money has had to be spent, because of these wind farms, on a multi-million pound high tech radar system at our local airport which went live last week. It may be coincidence but since the radar ‘went live’ the Weller family Sky picture has been breaking up and sometimes unwatchable. Anyway this expensive radar is able to distinguish between aircraft and large offshore wind turbines which confuses existing radar.

Apparently rotating wind turbines, that’s if there is any wind to spin them, look similar to a moving aircraft so by using a secondary radar which communicates with a transponder fitted on aircraft other radar images can be removed and the planes controlled safely as they fly above the wind farms. Nice to know if you live in the flight path I should think.

The Civil Aviation Authority has instructed that no aircraft unless fitted with a transponder will be able to fly in the vicinity of the two wind farms. Even more knock on expenses because of these wind farms.


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