Free gym passes for alcohol fuelled criminals

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

More cobblers from people who should know better. Rewards for alcohol fuelled criminals and soft options to avoid prosecution.

Hull Citysafe wants £29,000 from Humberside Police Authority to mentor pisshead criminals and provide “diversionary activities”, including free gym passes.
Vicky Harris, head of substance misuse and offender health at Citysafe, said the cash would fund a 12-month trial to expand court-ordered alcohol treatment requirements given to criminals.
“We want to give people the opportunity to try out gyms, so instead of spending their days drinking and offending, they replace that with a natural high,” she said.

As part of the plans to tackle the problem, drinkers convicted in the East Riding could be offered the chance to go on a course instead of being fined or prosecuted. Offenders will be charged £50 to go on the courses, called drinking seminars, which will include education about the dangers of drinking.

It is part of a request for £60,000 from the East Riding Community Safety Partnership, which will also see offenders avoid prosecution if they agree to speak to an alcohol health worker to discuss their drinking as part of a conditional caution.

Citysafe is also asking for £41,000 to fund two alcohol workers to be based in police stations and courts. They will assess whether offenders who have committed alcohol-fuelled crimes are suitable for alcohol treatment requirements, which including counselling and treatment for alcohol problems. In other words listen to a load of ‘pony and trap’ from some pisshead trying to avoid prosecution


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