……and it hasn’t been officially opened yet.

The first political correctness expulsion

A Greek triple jumper has been the first to be expelled from the Olympics after she posted a racist joke on Twitter.
Voula Papachristou was sent home for mocking African migrants and expressing support for Golden Dawn a far-Right political party.
Her message which was referring to cases of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus in her home country read: ‘With so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!’

The first cock up

The North Korea women’s football team staged an hour’s protest ahead of their Olympic match in Scotland after a flag blunder. The South Korean flag was shown by mistake on the big screen inside Hampden Park stadium as the players warmed up to play Colombia.
As a result, the North Koreans refused to play the match at the scheduled 7.45pm start time, and kick-off was delayed for more than an hour.

The first asylum seeker claim

An Olympic athlete has reportedly become the first in the 2012 Games to seek asylum in Britain. The competitor, thought to be a middle distance runner from an African country, walked into a police station in Leeds and claimed he was being persecuted in his homeland.
He is understood to have gone missing from a training camp as he and his team mates prepared to travel to London for the events.

The first security scare

High-profile Olympic athletes are causing potential terror alerts by posting pictures of their official Olympic Village passes on Twitter.
Their tweeting of high security passes has raised fears that the barcodes, which do not feature infra-red or microchip technology, could be duplicated by fraudsters.
Ground to air missiles on roofs, HMS Ocean an amphibious assault ship on the Thames, fighter planes standing by, 18,000 army troops for security yet a cheap and easy to fake security pass.

The first mechanical breakdown

Dozens of tourists were left suspended over the Thames for almost 40 minutes in sweltering conditions yesterday when the Olympic cable car broke down.
The £44m Emirates Cable Car, which transports visitors across the River Thames in east London, suffered a fault at lunchtime, leaving families and children suspended 300ft in the air for over half an hour.

Another six illegals caught in a house

Six illegal immigrants from Nepal have been removed from the UK after an agency raid on a house in Isleworth. UKBA officers went knocking on a property on Wood Lane on the morning of Tuesday 10th July. They arrested four men and two women, all aged between 20 and 24, who were all in the UK illegally having overstayed their visas. All six were detained until they were removed on a flight back to Nepal on the 16th July.


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