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Posted: July 24, 2012 in Broken Britain, General
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Mrs ‘W’ likes to listen to music whilst driving the ‘jam jar’ (car) around doing her errands and driving duties that come with having a large family. She likes to listen to various popular music and so buys the ‘Now’ whatever number they are up to at the moment cds which is at 82.

Anyway Mrs W gets me to google to see which supermarket is selling it at the cheapest price. Mr Cameron’s hitting the poor so his chums stay rich policy is beginning to bite into our disposable income so we shop around more than we used too; Sainsburys £9.99, ASDA £10, Tesco £11.97, Morrisons £12 and Amazon UK as a guideline were selling it at £11.97 with free delivery.

So Mrs W toddles off to ASDA as we never go to Sainsburys as over the decades we’ve found them dearest for shopping around here and don’t go there on principle.
In she goes to ASDA gets Now 82 goes to the checkout and is charged £12.97 can you ‘adam and eve’ that, obviously their £10 price is only an online price.
It seems the extra £2.97 is added on for the pleasure of driving through traffic, ASDA, Tesco, and Sainsburys around our way are all out of town, finding somewhere to park in the tiny marked out parking spaces, sticking the cd into your basket and handing over cash at the till.

How come the cd is cheaper online even though the £10 has to be processed, address label printed, stuck on, packaging cardboard envelope paid for, someone employed to stuff it into the envelope, get it to despatch and of course the postage paid.

Mind you when all is said and done the cd probably costs only a quid to produce in the first place so either way £10 or £12.97 is a rip-off.

I presume the cd is selling well so ASDA are cashing in by upping the price online too.

Keir Hardie would turn in his grave.

I know you should not judge someone by appearance but the picture left shows the candidate chosen for Chatham & Aylesford’s Labour group for the next general election.
Tristan Osborne, currently a councillor at Medway Council, has been picked to compete with Conservative Tracey Crouch at the next national ballot.

Maybe it’s me but his appearance and name seems a long way from the working class Labour candidates when I was a lad. Mind you todays Labour party bears no resemblance to the party of those days when they fought for the rights of the working class.

On the other hand doesn’t he look like a young Trotsky, pictured below, perhaps he should be the Communist Party candidate. I presume we still have a British Communist Party.

  1. musiclover says:

    i think £10 isn’t too bad for a 2 disc CD… that’s £5 each

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