Benefit fraudster used French and UK fake passports

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder
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Don’t any pen pushers do their jobs properly these days, a bogus French passport and a fake UK passport in another name both used in benefit fraud. There must have been loads of opportunities to spot these bogus id’s considering how many benefits this scrote was claiming for yet no one picked these dodgy passports up.

An illegal immigrant who robbed taxpayers out of almost £100,000 in a scam was yesterday (Fri) jailed for four years.
Gertrude Chikware, 46, originally from Zimbabwe, used a bogus French passport to claim job seekers’ allowance and income support, as well as gain further cash in NHS bursaries to train as a nurse.
Chikware also used a fake UK passport in the name of Melanie Scott to obtain a council house from Tower Hamlets council in east London then moved out and got more cash by sub-letting the property.

Are you telling me this woman had two lots of proof of addresses to go with her two fake passports for both her identities? This is the age of big brother computers not dusty box files on shelves in the cellar.


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