Dutch jail gang who smuggled Iranians into UK

Posted: July 19, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder
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A people-smuggling gang has been broken up after three men were sentenced for a total of 12 years imprisonment in the Netherlands.
The trio were found guilty of helping up to 50 Iranian migrants to reach the UK illegally following a joint investigation by the UK Border Agency and Dutch police.
The three men, all Dutch citizens of Iranian origin aged 25, 30 and 31, masterminded their illegal business from their base in the Netherlands.

They were one of the most prolific gangs involved in smuggling Iranian migrants across Europe and are believed to have smuggled, or attempted to smuggle, up to 50 Iranian nationals into the UK via the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

UK Border Agency officers, based at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands, identified similarities in cases involving Iranian nationals travelling from Amsterdam to the UK with forged and counterfeit documents. Further investigations identified one of the key gang members and a history of smuggling or attempting to smuggle Iranian nationals stretching back several years.

The three men were arrested in the Netherlands on 1st November 2011 following a series of co-ordinated raids. A search of the men’s properties uncovered professional equipment to produce forged Dutch ID cards, stolen passports, as well as cash, gold and laptops.

Talking about illegal immigrants

Two G4S security guards who were due to protect footballers during the Olympic Games have been arrested on suspicion of being illegal immigrants.
The men, who are believed to be from Pakistan, had secured jobs with G4S to work at the City of Coventry stadium, which is due to host 12 matches.
Officers swooped on the venue after their alleged illegal status is said to have been revealed in an accreditation check by G4S. At least G4S are doing something right.

Official figures from police forces across England and Wales shows immigrants make up a large proportion of those arrested for major crimes.

A total of 91 foreign nationals were charged with murder and 406 accused of rape last year.

In London, of the 547 people charged with rape in the past 12 months, 174 were non-UK citizens also a total of 197 people were charged with murder — including 40 immigrants.

Kent has the highest proportion of foreign murder suspects with 53% being non-UK citizens.

In South Yorkshire, of the 22 people charged with murder, six were non-UK.


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