Sky’s put my subscription up!

Posted: July 17, 2012 in General, Law & Disorder
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The Weller household has had it’s notification from Sky that there’s a price jump of £3.50 per month due from September although it goes up in August because you pay in advance. Sky give a nice breakdown of the increases for their customers though. In our case £1.50 more for Sky Entertainment, £0.50 for Sky Sports 1 &2, £1.00 for Sky Sports Pack 1 or 2, not quite sure what the difference is and another £1.00 more for ESPN.
I suppose we’re lucky we haven’t got all the other Sky channel offers, like HD Pack, Multiroom, Chelsea tv etc, otherwise our price rise would be considerably more.

So what is this inflation busting price rise about? Have Sky found out that now analogue tv is gone there are shed loads of viewers that only have a poor quality digital signal left so if they want a decent picture they are going to have to subscribe to Sky at any cost? A case of the public caught by their ‘short and curlies’ (pubic hair) . If you’re a present Sky customer then tough luck pay up or have no sports or decent programmes to watch.

Procter and Gamble Olympic sponsorship

I tell you something that’s beginning to bug me these days on tv, there are seem to be lots of adverts ending with the displaying of the logo of Procter & Gamble in two shades of blue.
Is this why the British team strip has lost the red of England off our flag, P & G put up the money so they have their colours on the British team strip and never mind the taxpayers who have put most money into the Olympics plus £675m of lottery money diverted from charity causes.

Boyfriend check

Women can now ask police to reveal whether their boyfriend has a secret past of violence and abuse under a new initiative. The scheme, known as Clare’s Law, enables officers and other agencies to warn women if they are at risk. It was introduced because ministers fear the rise of dating and social networking websites has left many in the dark about their partner’s background.

Pity the police didn’t check whether foreigners entering our country have criminal records, that would protect women too.

Overcrowded Britain

As the population rockets to 56 million, we are now officially the most crowded major country in Europe.


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