Sani Adil Ali, 28, originally from Darfur, Sudan came to Britain in 2003 and was awarded refugee status in February 2005. But only a few months later he was arrested at his home in Middlesbrough and later admitted one count of raping a 12-year-old girl.

Ali was jailed for three years at Sheffield Crown Court and released in 2008, when the Home Office ordered that he return to Sudan and he was locked up in an immigration removal centre ready for the off. But he appealed to an immigration court and though a judge rejected his bid, he mounted a fresh appeal to the Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber. I suppose if that appeal had gone against him he would have put in for another and another until he was successful. What idiots we are.

He was allowed to stay because deporting him, the court ruling showed, would be contrary to the United Kingdom’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights. Hold up, if he isn’t European why should those obligations be valid surely that’s a loophole we could use to get rid of the rapist.

Talking about foreigners

Five illegal immigrants have been caught at two Staffordshire businesses. UKBA officers first raided Lims Chinese takeaway, George Street, Newcastle under Lyme on 10th July. Two Chinese women were working illegally while two Chinese men were found when officers searched accommodation above the takeaway.
One of the women and one of the men had overstayed visas; one woman was a failed asylum seeker and one man had illegally entered the UK.

Officers then moved on to Lucky Star takeaway, High Street, Biddulph where a Chinese woman, a failed asylum seeker, was found in accommodation above the takeaway.
The takeaway got off with a fine because there was no evidence that the woman was working there illegally.
Four of the illegal immigrants found in Staffordshire were arrested and taken to an immigration detention centre pending their removal from the UK.
One of the Chinese women caught illegally working at the Lims Chinese takeaway was temporarily released on immigration bail to disappear amongst the 150,000 lost illegal immigrants in our country.

This is why companies use foreign workers, they put up with appalling conditions

Cleaners at the Olympic Park are being housed ten to a room at a huge temporary compound. The campsite in East London has 25 people sharing each toilet and 75 to each shower. They sleep in portable cabins, some of which have been leaking in the rain. Apparently they pay £18 a day for the privilege of living this way. Still it could be worse, they could be housed in tents.

Olympic torch

I’ve already blogged about our council cleaning up parks, tarting up derelict shops, closing our crematorium for the day now they are jet washing pavements that the torch will travel past.

Anoraks get their day

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    Totally, totally absurd……………..just send the bastard home

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