Sky’s noisy adverts

Posted: July 9, 2012 in General
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I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve noticed that tv channels, particularly Sky, seem to be blasting out their TV adverts even though they are not supposed to according to Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) codes.

It is the job of ASA to investigate complaints about noisy TV ads. Many complaints are not upheld because though the sound seems annoyingly loud, it does not exceed set limits.

I think broadcasters have found a way around the code by broadcasting programmes very quietly thus making viewers turn up their tv volume to hear the programme, consequently when the adverts start they BLAST out at the viewer who then has to turn down the volume before their ear drums are damaged.

You can complain to ASA on their website but you won’t get anywhere because it’s you that turned up the tv volume in the first place to hear the programme.

What it needs is for someone like a concert pianist to complain that the noisy adverts have destroyed their hearing and they can no longer play the ‘Joanna’ (piano) so they want to claim loss of earnings.

Downing Street David Cameron’s idea to cut immigration:
make students exempt from immigration figures. Do you know figures published in May showed that annual net migration to Britain currently stands at a record high of 250,000 a year. Cameron fiddles with figures whilst Britain becomes even more over-crowded.

More nonsense from people who should know better.

Older workers who choose to stay in their jobs beyond 65 should pay national insurance to support young workers, a group of Tory MPs has said. “Choose” hold up, old people are being forced to work longer because the retiring age is being put up.

Apparently up to £2 billion a year could be raised by imposing National Insurance on the income of elderly who are still in work. At the moment, older workers are not required to pay National Insurance – although their employers have to pay 13.8% – because the money is perceived as being for pensions and benefits.

The MPs’ idea is to give the money to young low paid workers a National Insurance ‘holiday’ to allow them to get ahead.

Excuse me, there are no jobs for the young there are 100,000s of them unemployed out there. What would be better is to reduce the retiring age thus creating jobs for the young to get them off benefits and into the job market.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    So, if you can’t do or are not willing to do what you promised, then join the rest and fiddle the figures………….Cameron the figure fiddler!

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