Barclays refused woman first aid

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder
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Seeing how everyone is having a go at Barclays I might as well jump on the band wagon or should that be bank wagon.

A woman who collapsed in Maidstone High Street, Kent was refused help by Barclays’ first aid staff.
Passersby and police stopped to help, an ambulance was called while councillor Stephen Paine, who witnessed the scene, ran around the shops to find a qualified first aider.

The councillor went into Barclays and a bank teller ran to check with her manager who was apparently a trained first aider. But Cllr Paine was shocked when the reply came back that they weren’t allowed to administer first aid outside of the building. Can you ‘Adam and Eve that?

A spokesman for the bank confirmed it had a cautious policy in lending help even for customers collapsing on its premises.

“Given UK laws, a first aider providing care is held responsible if something goes wrong. The employee would then be liable and not the bank. They would need to ask the customer’s permission to provide treatment and it’s very much a personal decision for the first aider, especially if the customer was unconscious.”

Welcome to Broken Britain where helping someone can get you sued. Could have been worse, ambulance staff might have been on a break. Mind you four ‘Old Bill’ and not one first aider amongst them?
The woman who collapsed in the High Street had breathing difficulties but she declined further treatment after the ambulance crew attended her. Probably feared dying in hospital of some killer disease or ill treatment.

Sham marriages back in the news

Four people have appeared at courts in Bangor and Coleraine charged with immigration offences relating to suspected sham marriages. Wahidul Islam, and Mostafizar Rahman, both Bangladeshi nationals with addresses in Belfast appeared at Coleraine magistrates court yesterday.

Islam, 42, was charged with two counts of attempting to assist unlawful immigration and attempting to obtain leave to remain in the UK by deception. Rahman, 23, was charged with attempting to obtain leave to remain in the UK by deception.

The charges are in connection with a suspected sham marriage at Larne register office on 16th April 2012. Both men were remanded in custody to appear at Belfast high court next week.

Diana Hamdamova, (an appropriate name for a robber?) a 19-year-old Estonian and Muhammad Umair a 20-year-old Pakistani appeared at Bangor Magistrates Court yesterday also on charges relating to a suspected sham marriage that was intended to take place in Belfast.
Hamdamova who has an address in Estonia was charged with attempting to assist unlawful immigration and was remanded in custody.

Umair who has an address in Lancashire was charged with attempting to obtain leave to remain in the UK by deception. He was released on bail on condition that he surrenders his passport and provide a personal security of £1,500. I suppose he will disappear and join the 150,000 or so disappeared illegal immigrants in this country.

Meanwhile in Cambridge or should that be Shambridge.

A couple who attempted to stage a sham wedding at Cambridge register office have both been jailed for 13 months.
Munirhan Nizamova,(an appropriate name for a Nit nurse?) 35, from Uzbekistan, and Andrejus Tkalic, 25, from Lithuania, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to breach the UK’s immigration rules when they appeared at Luton crown court on 4th July.

They had been arrested by UKBA officers from the east region criminal and financial investigations team on 17th February as they prepared to marry at the Castle Street venue.

Tkalic, of no fixed address, said he knew that Nizamova, of The Broadway, Barnet, did not love him. Nizamova, who was working as a waitress, had overstayed her visa which expired in 2009. She will be deported at the end of her sentence. Three years illegally in this country, definitely one of the 150,000 lost illegals in Britain. Perhaps the Government should put a bounty out for finding any of these illegals in hiding, a bit like the bounty on grey squirrels in force when I was a kid.

In the 1950s, the Ministry of Agriculture paid a tanner (sixpence) per grey squirrel killed – on production of the tail as proof. They even lent out sets of light aluminium poles to poke the squirrels out of their nests.


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