What next, Military police to be used to cut airport queues?

Posted: July 3, 2012 in General
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Hundreds of MoD police officers have been drafted in to cut queues at Britain’s airports by helping to man the passport desks.

Official figures show that members of the Ministry of Defence’s force have been posted to more than a dozen arrivals halls across the country over the past year.
On one day alone 92 uniformed MoD police officers were on duty at airports probably to provide cover during a strike by UK Border Agency staff.

Loads more are expected to be brought in to Heathrow and Gatwick over the summer in order to cope with the added demand and security risks created by the Olympics.
Apparently passengers are already having to wait for almost two and a half hours, in queues more than half a mile long, to get through passport checks as the holiday season begins.

There have been 227 Ministry of Defence police officers deployed in support of the UK Border Force passport control at British airports since November 2011.

The MoD police officers have been posted to Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Liverpool, Doncaster, Glasgow, Newcastle, Southend, Bristol, Stansted, Southampton, Leeds/Bradford, Luton, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Birmingham and Bournemouth airports “on irregular occasions in support of the UK Border Force”.

Talking about foreigners entering the country.

When I report on illegal workers being deported it doesn’t mean they actually are gone some are refused entry into the country they are sent back too.
For instance the Iraqi parliament has blocked the repatriation of thousands of asylum seekers who have lost the right to remain in Britain and have threatened to fine airlines that deliver deportees.

  1. Major Calamity says:

    The problem with ‘cutting and pasting’ stories from the internet is that you inevitably get your facts wrong. The MOD Police are a civilian police force, NOT military. They have constabulary powers, just like any other UK police force.
    You would do well to check your facts in future before posting incorrect material on your website.

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