Cameron to force under 25-year-olds to live with parents

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Broken Britain
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Is David Cameron creating ‘Lebensraum’ (living space) to make way for next wave of out of control immigration?

IliePrime Minister, Downing Street David Cameron, is to announce tomorrow plans to axe all housing benefit currently paid to around 380,000 people aged under 25 forcing them to move back in with their parents rather than living independently.
The aim is to save an extra £10 billion by 2016 on top of existing plans. Mind you he could save that amount annually by stopping foreign aid instead of displacing our youth.

If more jobs were available for our youth they wouldn’t need housing benefit. All the time the retirement age is being raised and immigrants flood in to take virtually every newly created job the situation isn’t going to change.

Forcing youngsters back into living with their parents is going to return us to the bad old days of Victorian overcrowded slum dwellings.


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