French ripping off British holidaymakers…..

Posted: June 22, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, General, Law & Disorder
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….yet again!

I see the French police are about to implement their new money earning law at the expense of British holidaymakers. The French already use a private company in Britain with the DVLA supplying driver details so they can collect unpaid parking fines and the like.

This new law comes into force from July 1st and means that drivers caught without a disposable breathalyser will be fined €11.
So instead of rushing to the duty free shop as soon as you board for booze, fags, something smelly for the missus and a giant Toblerone for the ‘saucepan lids’ (kids) make sure a disposable breathalyser is the first item you chuck in your shopping basket.

Unlicensed gangmaster and his 12 or so illegal workers.

Nothing annoys me more than some toffee nosed government MP saying British unemployed don’t want to do boring jobs. That’s a load of cobblers, British unemployed don’t get a chance for such jobs as companies prefer to use gangmasters with their “I can provide plenty of cheap labour for your company mate, wink wink know what I mean”.
IlieThe employer no longer has to worry about worker rights, wage increases, holiday time cover or health and safety for that matter. It’s all in the hands of the gangmaster.

This incident highlights how they can provide such disposable workers.

A suspected gangmaster and more than a dozen workers have been detained in a series of immigration raids in Kent. Fifteen people are being held on suspicion of being in the UK illegally.
A 42-year-old man, from Gravesend, has also been detained on suspicion of being an unlicensed gangmaster. He remains in custody at Northfleet police station for questioning.

Kent Police officers raided a property in Martin Court, Kemsley, an address in Gravesend and a farm in Maidstone Road, Swanley, at about 11.15am. Once upon a time these out of the way farms in Kent used to house bootleggers with their illicit booze and tobacco, now it’s illegal workers.

The operation was led by the Gangmaster Licensing Authority to tackle the exploitation of illegal workers. The workers are expected to be handed over to the UK Border Agency.
HM Revenue and Customs officers were also involved in the raids and the Salvation Army were on hand to dish out succour to the illegal workers.

Talking about illegal workers you’ll be amazed where they can be found.

An illegal immigrant from Kenya treated patients at the Broadmoor maximum security hospital despite never having permission to work in the country. Emily Gesembe took up the job in 2006 at the facility. The nurse showed her Kenyan passport to employers as proof of her identity. It was not until 2010 that it was revealed the mental health nurse had never been granted a work permit. I wonder if she was qualified if Broadmoor was that slipshod and didn’t even ask to see a work permit.


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