After yesterday’s blog when I told you about eggheads who think because most of the fat people live on the western side of the planet they are changing the earth’s climate by tilting the axis I’ve another bit of nonsense from people who should know better.

According to an Ofsted report into bullying, name calling is rife in many schools but is often dismissed as simply “banter”. Well isn’t it?

The report found that pupils are using insults relating to sexuality, intelligence, race, appearance and family circumstances, with some saying it was acceptable if the words were being used between friends.

Ofsted seem to think words such as “stupid”, “idiot”, “mong”, “spazzer” or “spaz” being used when other kids struggle with work or a sport is bullying.

Now how is name calling bullying, I went to school in the 1960’s and such ‘banter’ was common place and more like ‘piss taking’ which is part of British people genetic makeup.

Bullying is some bigger ‘saucepan lid’ (kid) holding you up against the wall and beating the crap out of you demanding money and the like. The answer to bullying, in my school days, was to hit the bully back harder than he hit you even if you lose this I can hit harder than you competition the bully avoids you in the future because he got hurt and there are easier victims about.


‘Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me’.

This phrase is found at least as early as 1872, where it is presented as advice in Tappy’s Chicks: and Other Links Between Nature and Human Nature, by Mrs. George Cupples.

‘A bully’s boots and fists will hurt me but my fingers in his eyes will stop him’.

This phrase blogged by Percy Weller 2012.

It’s not just fat people tilting earth’s axis it’s also all those on the thin peoples side of the planet coming to our fat side illegally.

Here’s shed loads of cases

An illegal worker has been removed from the UK and three more remain in detention following raids in Aberystwyth, Wales.

In total, six illegal workers from China, Vietnam and Bangladesh were found in raids on two restaurants and a nail bar in the town on 1st June.

Acting on a tip off officers went to Wasabi, on Eastgate, where a 24-year-old woman was found to be working in breach of the conditions of her visitor visa.
She was arrested and taken to Aberystwyth police station before being transferred to immigration detention. She was removed from the UK on the 13th June.

UKBA officers also raided Shilam Tandoori, Alexandra Road, where three Bangladeshi men were found to be working illegally.

Checks revealed that two of the men – aged 28 and 47 – had entered the UK illegally, while a 24-year-old was working in breach of his student visa. All three remain in immigration detention pending their removal from the UK.

Earlier on the same day, Neat Nails on Pier Street was visited and two Vietnamese women were found working illegally.
The first, a 28-year-old, had stayed in the country illegally after her claim for asylum was rejected, while a 23-year-old had stayed in the UK after her visa expired.
The pair are supposed to report regularly to a local police station while outstanding immigration applications are dealt with. If they are found to have no right to remain in the UK they will also face removal. That’s if they don’t scarper in the meantime!

Meanwhile in Dorset

An illegal worker has been removed from the UK and four more remain in detention following raids in Blandford Forum, Dorset. In total, seven illegal workers from Bangladesh were found in raids on three restaurants in the town.

Acting on information received, UKBA officers went to Simla, West Street, on 31st May to carry out immigration checks on the staff present. Three men tried to leg it from the premises but were caught.
Once checks were made, five men from Bangladesh were found to be working illegally.

Two men aged 21 and 25 had stayed in the UK illegally after their student visas expired, two men aged 28 and 38 were found to have entered the UK illegally and a 40-year-old was a failed asylum seeker who had failed to leave the UK after his claim for protection was turned down.
The 21-year-old was removed to his home country on 7th June, while the men aged 25, 28 and 38 remain in immigration detention pending their removal.
The 40-year-old was not detained so is free to disappear and find illegal work elsewhere.

On 23rd May, two more restaurants in Blandford were raided – Bay Leaf on West Street and Spice India on East Street.
At Bay Leaf, a 33-year-old Bangladeshi man was arrested after checks revealed he had entered the UK illegally. He remains in immigration detention pending his removal.
At Spice India, a 30-year-old Bangladeshi man was arrested after he was found to have overstayed his visa. He too was later released to report to UKBA unless of course………you know the rest.

We steal dead people identities

Two Nigerian men living in Luton have been jailed on the 15th June following an elaborate scam to steal the identity of a dead British man. Hmmm Nigerians, a change from sham marriages I suppose.
Finest Ifeanyi Arojie, 43, illegally entered the UK in 2005. The following year he obtained a copy of the birth certificate of a British man, James Samuel Walters, who died in New York in 1989.
In 2007 Arojie used the birth certificate to obtain a British passport in Mr Walters’ identity, stating that he had lost his previous passport. There was no record of Mr Walters’ death because it occurred outside the UK.

Arojie then used his fake British identity to gain employment as a forklift driver in Dunstable in July 2008.
In April 2009 Arojie sponsored the entry to the UK of a man claiming to be his 16-year-old son and calling himself Bright Walters. The pair lived at Old Bedford Road, Luton.

The scam started to unravel in December 2011 when UKBA officers from the criminal and financial investigations team interviewed a woman who claimed that she had been approached about taking part in a sham marriage by an African man using the name James Samuel Walters.

Officers discovered Walters was in Nigeria attempting to obtain visa for two children to reside in the UK. As a result of this investigation, both of these visas were refused.
On 16th December 2011, Arojie, who was travelling using the Walters passport, was stopped as he arrived at Heathrow airport.

On 11th January 2012 Bright Walters was arrested at his home address, where officers also found his British passport.
Bright Walters was charged with obtaining leave to enter or remain in the UK by deception and possession of a false identity document and remanded in custody.

Arojie was charged with seven offences including fraud and conspiracy to facilitate a breach of the UK’s immigration laws.
UKBA officers continued to investigate the scam and following enquiries with officers in Nigeria became convinced that Bright Walters’ real identity was Goodness Iroro Sokoh and that his true age was 24. Walters disputes this.

Arojie and Walters were convicted on 1st June following a week-long trial at Luton crown court. On the 15th June, Arojie was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months while Walters was jailed for 12 months.
A 31-year-old woman who was charged with fraud, possession of a false identity document, facilitating entry of illegal entrants to the UK and obtaining leave to enter or remain in the UK by deception was acquitted at the end of the trial.


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