Fat people to blame for bad weather?

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Environment, General
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Don’t some eggheads come up with a load of pony and trap (crap) sometimes, they would be better employed finding cures for killer illnesses.

Some egghead has come to the conclusion that the human population is getting too fat for the planet.

The first study to calculate the impact on the environment of growing waistlines has estimated that the adult human population weighs in at 287 million tons, 15 million of which is due to the overweight and 3.5 million due to obesity.

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found most of the extra weight was concentrated in the richest part of the world, with the US heaviest and Britain coming in at 18th, despite its small population. Gor blimey don’t need to be a professor to work that out that’s bleeding obvious, we’re the ones with so much food we chuck loads away – well most people do others eat it all.

The study said that over–consumption was not only shortening people’s lives but also driving climate change and the destruction of the environment. I suppose the eggheads’ conclusion is that because with so many overweight people on our side of the world the earth’s axis is tilting causing extreme weather conditions.

The study will be presented at the United Nations’ Rio+20 conference; then what move thousands of fat people to China to counterbalance the planet?

Apparently the American adult population is the heaviest. While the average body mass globally was 136lb 10oz (62kg), in the US it was 177lb 14oz (80.7kg). Despite having only 5% of the world’s population, the US accounts for almost a third of the weight because of obesity. In contrast Asia has 61% of the population but only 13% of the excess weight.
The British adult population is 30lb 7oz (13.8kg) fatter than the rest of the world, with an average adult body mass of 167lb 2oz (75.8kg).

I wonder if these eggheads have taken into consideration it’s our side of the world with billions of heavy buildings on?

What a way to treat our armed forces

Fight in war zones all over the world for years then get shafted by your own country.
Soldiers who have been made redundant were sacked days before they qualified for a full pension.

DVLA shafting British motorists, again

Is there no ends to this using the public as cash cows.

The DVLA is making shed loads of money every month helping European penpushers to hunt down British drivers for parking and speeding fines incurred on the Continent whilst Brits are on holiday.
Every month around 2,500 British motorists are contacted with fines issued by the authorities in European countries. Meanwhile millions of pounds in speeding fines racked up by foreign drivers in the UK are being written off.
The returning holidaymakers are tracked down by a private company based in Britain which pays the DVLA for driver information. For each inquiry, the DVLA receives £2.50, meaning it makes more than £75,000 a year.

  1. anonymous_human says:

    There is a place called Nauru where 95% of the population is obese and only 35.7% of the American population is obese. Just saying.

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