Sham civil partnership arrests

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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Oh for goodness sake it’s one thing having foreigners fix up sham marriages so they can stay in this country but now we have sham ‘civil partnership’ too.

A 30-year-old Sri Lankan man has been arrested by the UK Border Agency just moments before he was due to take part in a suspected sham civil partnership ceremony with a man more than twice his age at Ealing register office.

Acting on a tip-off that the relationship may not be for real, officers attended the Town Hall on New Broadway at around 3pm on Thursday 7th June 2012.
Just before the ceremony was due to begin officers intervened and the 30-year-old was arrested for being in the country illegally having overstayed his visa.
He had been due to enter into a partnership with a 68-year-old British man, but later admitted the purpose of the ceremony was to allow him to stay in the UK.

The 68-year-old British man was questioned by officers and released, while the Sri Lankan has been detained pending his removal from the UK.

By land by sea and even by air.

A Belgian pilot was due in Canterbury court Monday charged with helping four Albanians enter the country illegally. I haven’t found any ‘bumf’ on his court appearance yet maybe they gave him bail and he’s flown back to Belgium.

Jean Francois Hennaux, a 34-year-old light aircraft pilot, was due before Canterbury magistrates after being charged with assisting their illegal entry to the UK.
It comes after two adults and two children were held by UK Border Agency officers on Saturday after arriving at Headcorn Aerodrome, which is between Maidstone and Ashford, Kent. They are now being assessed with the help of social services who I’m sure will find them a nice home and school places for their kids.

Living near the coast I often hear light planes flying at night perhaps this ‘flying in’ illegals is more common than it first appears.


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