An office manager stole more than £100,000 in cash right from under the noses of the Greater Manchester Police.

Craig Rothwell got away with his crimes while working as a civilian based at Bootle Street police station in Manchester for four years.

Listen to this, he was even promoted while ‘sky rocketing’ (pocketing) thousands of pounds a year in stolen funds.
Rothwell, 27, was a supervisor at the International Visitors Registration Unit, based Bootle Street. This is a money raising scam where Visa regulations demand that visitors from certain countries, including overseas students, migrant workers and academics have to register with police.
The foreigners get a police registration certificates which costs £34 and with so many foreign visitors to the city it’s a right money spinner for the police.

Rothwell joined the unit as a clerk, before becoming a supervisor, instead of banking the money paid by hoards of foreigners he kept it for himself.
It is understood he tried to conceal the fraud by saying he had banked money without saying how much. Don’t they keep accounts, who is in charge of him? It is not yet known how the offences came to light.Probably turned himself in, I can’t see the police spotting it if they didn’t even know the money was being ‘half-inched’ (pinched).

Rothwell, of Havenwood Road, Wigan, pleaded guilty to five charges of theft from Greater Manchester Police Authority before Judge Michael Henshell at a Manchester Crown Court hearing. The court heard that the final figures have yet to be agreed, but the prosecution believe the total is more than £100,000. It is understood that in the tax year beginning April 2009 alone he stole nearly £40,000.

The thief who was supported in court by his mum and dad, he looks a mummy’s boy doesn’t he, will return for sentence at the end of the month. His case was adjourned for the preparation of pre-sentence reports which could help the judge decide what sentence he passes.

I just love the new police website, bung your postal code in the search box and you’ll get up the number of crimes committed within a half mile radius of your house a few months back and how many had an ‘outcome’ whatever that means. Below is the result for the area that Bootle police station is in.

Border Agency raids in Croydon.

UKBA officers visited two residential addresses on Broad Green, Croydon, at 6:50am and 7:20am on Wednesday 6th June 2012 and the Mirch Masala restaurant on Southend Road, at 5pm on Thursday 31st May 2012.
At the first residential address they arrested a 21-year-old Pakistani male who had sought leave to remain by deception. At the second location they arrested 8 male Indian nationals aged between 23yrs and 46yrs who had all overstayed their visas.

Officers carried out checks on staff at Mirch Masala to ensure they had the right-to-work in the UK. They arrested three students who had overstayed their visas, a 19-year-old Afghani male and Pakistani men aged 22 and 28. The 22-year-old attempted to scarper through the back door but was nabbed by officers.
Eleven of the 12 arrested are currently in immigration detention while the 26-year-old Indian has been granted immigration bail so he can disappear until he turns up somewhere else working illegally.

Here’s the crime area for Mirch Masala restaurant:

Look at this media football hype linked to the present media theme of racism in the Euro 2012, this is from AOL’s ‘The Huffington Post’.

“Euro 2012: Spanish Fan Found Murdered After Month-Long Search”

Firstly he has been missing for a month before the football started so he was not killed during the competition and so killing is not football related.

Secondly he was killed in Ukraine when Spain are playing in Poland.


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