Brazilian fraudster’s £191,871 benefit con

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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A Brazilian woman had away £191,871 in benefits by claiming she had 12 children despite only one of them having ever lived in the UK.

Do you know a ‘Brazilian’ waxing in Brazil is called a ‘Hitler’?

Anyway Fabiola Peixe Dantas, 49, of Cross Way, Harlesden was jailed for 27 months after an investigation by Brent Council found that she only had four children with only one having lived with her before they returned to Brazil enabling her to rent out the unused rooms in her house and earn more money by sub-letting.

Harrow Crown Court heard how she received £191,871 in housing and council tax benefits over a 12 year period from 1999 until 2011. Gor blimey doesn’t anyone check these claims especially when a foreigner is claiming for 12 ‘saucepan lids’ (kids).

Dantas spent her ill-gotten shed loads of taxpayers’ cash on flash holidays and expensive ‘jam jars’ (cars).

Harrow court heard that Dantas, who was living in a four-bed house in Harlesden, north-west London, posed as a single parent and said she was working as a cleaner to fiddle the benefits system, but was caught out on December 15th last year.

She conned the council over 12 years by sending in fake documents from employers and landlords.
Dantas was remanded in custody after being refused bail following her arrest in December when police and officers from the UK Border Agency raided her home. At least she wasn’t able to scarper back to Brazil.

Dantas had started her scam while living in Montrose Avenue, Queen’s Park, in 1999, keeping up the pretence when she moved to Harlesden.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    27 months is quite simply nowhere near enough. Perhaps she should be put to work in prison, ‘earning’ the minimum wage and paying off her debt until such time as it is totally repaid. Now that would be a deterrent to others. Did I mention Romanians?

  2. ffiske says:

    This conviction only grazes the surface of what this woman has actually done. She has consistently defrauded the family credit system using the names and addresses of other people in the Brazilian community in London. To my personal knowledge there are a number of people she has used in this way. She has managed to get access to their bank details and helped herself to tax payers money whilst telling the victims that they were receiving money on her behalf for work she claimed to have done. The money paid into their accounts for her supposed job was in fact money from fraudulent claims for family tax credit. The clalms for family tax credit were made in the victims’ names and claimed for children which did not exist. Apart from the money she had paid into these people’s account by fraudulent family tax credit claims she also took money which these hard working people had earned themselves and she then sent it to Brasil where she has purchased an expensive property on the proceeds. It also appears she may have claimed housing benefit on another property near where she was living whilst renting that out to a third party As soon as she has served her time she should be deported.

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