Gypsies torch their flat

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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I haven’t blogged a gypsy story for a bit but here’s a new one.

A gypsy couple set fire to their council flat in Clapton, east London after demanding housing chiefs move them to a new house. Margaret and Thomas Mongan set three separate fires in their ground floor maisonette after their request to move to alternative accommodation was refused. Their actions put residents in neighbouring flats, including 19 children and one elderly person, at risk of ‘horrific’ consequences, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.

At least some people are making money out of the Olympics

Police drafted in for the Olympics security operation are to receive a £30-a-night ‘hardship allowance’ because they have to share toilet and showers.
What a load of ‘pony and trap’ (crap) if you pardon the pun don’t they have to share the ‘ khasi’ (toilet and bathroom) with family members at home?

New rules on pay and conditions state this is not “proper accommodation” and officers must be paid for the inconvenience. Oh no, a public convenience joke too.

Each of the 10,000 officers from non-London forces who, at various times, will be seconded to the Olympics and Paralympics security operation will be entitled to a £50 allowance for every night away from home too.


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